Friday, 13 September 2013

Home - it's calling, I want home: When travel becomes too much


When Dorothy slipped into her ruby slippers she was ready for home, the fascinating new world had grown tiresome, unable to deliver the comforts of home. I was in India and the feeling for home was great. I'm ready for home and I feel it's calling me.

The feeling is strong - and I have never felt such a desire to return. There was Cuba, it was a difficult place and food was not good, but for some time now my excitement for adventure waned for the yearning to return home. I love to travel, to escape and discover other worlds, cultures and ways of life but here it was just felt too much, too much for one person alone. 

I'd heard it would be challenging but never in a million years a feeling of isolation, surrounded by so many yet singled out - the colour of my skin attracts and it's what's in my wallet that counts. A mobile ATM to anyone able enough to sell or pull the right heart strings.

What is perhaps disappointing when somewhere is, on one note, described as "incredible" then in guide books time and time again you're reminded of touts targeting the tourists and draining them of as much money as possible. When this occurs in reality, it ruins any perception and any acceptance of this way of living. A country that appears to abandon its countrymen to pillage from visitors.

I grew tired of lies, of lack of faith and loss of trust. I could only trust myself - and that becomes one lonely existence! Home called - home called - home I want - home I go…but not today! Time to put my best foot forward and just expect the unexpected for now...