Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gay Oman - what truth there is in a story

There's so much talk about the new Middle East and what it has to offer to the gay traveller. While inherently illegal to practice as a homosexual in this region, the rise of business and commerce and increasing numbers of expats (which the region requires to build talent and expertise) is creating the emergence of a gay scene.

For the Middle East to expect to invite Westerners to live and work in its countries without homosexual acts, is like offering someone a toilet and not expecting them to pee. What's also most interesting from friends and relatives who live in the region, who are gay, is that there is an ever developing underground gay scene, that is far from "discreet" with a huge number of Middle Eastern men (in particular) practicising homosexuality in one way or another.

This is potentially a time-bomb waiting to happen. That gay men of Western or ME origin could face greater pressure to remain hidden and there to be an increase in persecution.

However the fact that gay life is now firmly on the table is highlighted in the BBC report:

I hope to make a trip soon to see what they are all talking about.