Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why I dislike (hate) airports

Airports are today the biggest hurdle to getting to any foreign and global destination, it's the one thing that fills me with dread and anxiety. From the moment I wake to make that journey to the airport my heart beats at a random beat, hands become moist and I constantly check the clock to ensure I have plenty of time.

The point at which you finish packing and zip that bag to dropping it on your hotel bed is the worst for any trip. But let's look at the scenrio we are placed in:

Monday, 20 June 2011

Time - Londoners go so fast for today

Dropped into Soho to check out how things are going; met a mate knocked back a few glasses of wine, consumed a plethora of tapas plates of a restaurant I hadn't met before then continued to water our stomachs with some mightily strong cocktails. All in the middle of London's gayborhood.

Six weeks had passed since last stepping in the area and few things had changed. There were new restaurants and people proving that London churns new ideas and oppportinites before spitting them out into the compost. People too no different, guaranteed among many to be healthy, gym fit muscled boys looking a perfection yet those that seemed to draw attention seemed relaxed happy normal, not pushed to supreme. It made me think of the turnover of these new bars and clubs restaurants. Do we last a lifetime or a moment. What's worth giving your attention?

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Escaping Home: Argentina - Snowy London, Paris to Buenos Aire

Families stranded from home just days before Christmas with only the shirts on their backs; slim sleeping mats and cradling the third sandwich of the day. Mothers appeared at the end of their tether; sat as though stoned – looking crazy out to an abyss. Fathers – helpless and afraid – while children snuggled as best they could under the circumstances.