Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Selfish criticism - I live in London, of course I am selfish

Selfish criticism - I live in London of course I am selfish. What do you expect from an urbanite who lives in the most diverse city in the world?!

I'm one of 7 million inner city inhabitants and one of 20 million in the entire of Greater London. It's only growing as immigrants repopulate and move here daily - I'm becoming more insignificant to the rest of the city - so I deserve to be significant to myself and if that means being selfish, then so be it.

No one cares what language I speak, as long as I have a way to pay for it.

No one cars what I wear or how I wear it, for as long as my modesty is covered.

No one cares who my friends are or who I love for as long as I don't hurt or kill, but even that's becoming more common - at least it's a way to be noticed and to become somewhat significant, somehow.

The behaviour of selfish Londoners is demonstrated throughout the day;
- seats on trains: We all want one, we all deserve one, there's no priority in the pecking order- unless you wear a baby on board badge - we rush to be first on to grab that butt comforter, even if we do spend out days sat down!

- packed streets: clambering over one another much like ants making their journey home, personal space does not exist, straight lines are extinct among people who are casually repeating under their breath 'sorry, excuse me' whilst thinking 'you're in my way'
- limited parking: squeezing cars into the smallest spots, or driving in circles for hours to find somewhere to park.
- sexual and age equality: it's been drummed into Londoners - we're all equal - we certainly are - only the strongest will survive and I will prove it! 
- gentrification - each class of person is forced into areas of living and modes of transport. Only the rich take the tube in zone 1-2, and buses are known as peasant wagons. Londoners learn their place 

- train driver salaries: drivers are paid  twice more the average London salary owning the right to strike for being paid to sit on their asses driving a vehicle that's stuck on tracks. You lose the cursity and care for train service personnel 

- cost of travel: when one spends hundred of pounds to travel each month, we deserve a seat and for it to all run on time delivers with polite customer service. 

- duration of travel/delays: we deal with delays day in and day out. To maintain some perspective of reality and sanity we become selfish to understand how we are subjected to daily torture.

- time poor: what time? We spend 2 hours a day traveling, hours queuing and have to trample over people to get where we want. It's our time and we will do what we please with it

- free papers/giveaways/discounts - businesses clambering After my custom: why should we pay? It's free in London. You want my business? Give it to me for free

- expensive properties and rent: we spend a fortune over half our salaries to put a roof over our head, and even then we can't swing a car in it. We're being taken for mugs. So excuse us for passing that feeling on - it is knot our right to make us feel better

- small properties = my space, u deserve my space. It's mine!! All mine! 

Do you see now why Londoners are selfish?