Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Acceptable travel behaviour - what do you do?

Travel sleeping - is it really acceptable?

There are so many things we do in private that we wouldn't dare to do in public...or would not want to be seen or shared to be done in public - yet when we travel it seems some of us have a different perception:

For is it that we're surrounded by strangers, incredibly relaxed that we let down our guards, it's all so hectic we fail to keep ourselves composed, or that we just don't care? 

Let's look at some of them

1 - sleep
Train, coach, plane and car - it doesn't take long before we nod off to dreamland and begin snorting like a diseased pig. By routine we keep sleeping to overnight in the comfort and privacy of our own beds. As soon as we make a journey anywhere we're willing to catch flies and dribble on some strangers shoulder...right?!

2 - nakedness
The sun comes out, sand wedges between out toes and suddenly we're willing to parade around like Donald Duck. Yet in everyday life the notion of just beach shorts or bikini is as bazaar as Donald's behaviour when he's just jumped out of the shower wrapped in only a towel...

3 - drunken behaviour
We're on a plane, settling ourselves beside the pool, walking along the promenade and it's only 10am. Our first thought - "I'm getting a beer" - yet Monday to Friday 9-5 we can't operate without a coffee to start. Holiday changes out habits like the British wind changes direction.

4 - money sense
We're in a different place, the currency is different and all seems new and exciting. The concept of budget, value and taste is thrown out the window as we purchase the most ghastly souvenirs and holiday trinkets that we seem to be obsessed to keep hold of for the rest of our life's yet just don't fit in...now I understand why granny's home is full of crap

5 - rules
Remember what Monica and chandler said on their trip to London for Ross wedding?! Different countries and cities and new borders brings out a different character in us. We let our hair down and willing to consider different options than at home! 
there is no logic to any of this but the human psyche is one we could spend forever exploring without enjoying.

So remember when you next see someone do something unacceptable consider if they are on holiday first.

And consider- why not do what you do on holiday...every day! 

Make life fun!

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