Saturday, 28 September 2013

Gay Travel - Interviews with Gay Indians in Delhi

-       Just arrived at the party. We found out through email.
-       This is in Noida, in the far west side on the blue line.
-       Do they mostly happen here?
-       Yes, every Saturday night. In the M Lounge where we are now.
-       Its really got started loads of people here, what time does it go on until?
-       It finishes at 2am
-       And then what do they do?
-       People will walk talk and gossip after, they will have fun because it is Saturday night.

-       You’re not originally from Delhi, how long have you been here?
-       4 months
-       You discovered the gay scene already, if you’re a gay man, what do you do?
-       Come to the centre part in Connaught Place and there are gay people here  on a Sunday where you can interact. If your’e away from home and need friends, it’s a place to socialize for a bit.  Meet people and make friends. Sometimes if I want sex I go to Planet Romeo and it’s very popular here in Delhi. I meet very nice guys here, very classy.
-       You came from Bombay?
-       Yes I was in Mumbai. Mumbai being Bollywood, you get very nice, posh, fashionable guys, models, girls, nightlife is more happening here. Fashion models go here, and I partied a lot on the east side. Many international performances and music. I prefer Bombay to Delhi.
-       You have spent a lot time in Berlin, Now you’re here in Delhi. What is so great about Delhi
-       Well it is very colourful. It’s the capital of India and most of the gay perople are staying Delhi. I am lving a colourful life and I am having lots of fun
-       You’re wearing a beautiful Sari
-       People are really friendly, you can wear what you want.
-       This is one of the best nights out.
-       Yes it is, people give me loads of attention.

-       PlanetRomeo is very popular, it’s the number one cruising app?
-       Yes it is, but this park in Delhi is much better. We just come here to hangout with all our friends and to meet people. Mostly we see a lot of the young queens around here. Some are maybe sexual discriminating but not much. We hardly speak to the strangers though, we also organize parties where we get together and invite new friends and mix.
-       You spend a lot of time in London, how do you compare to Delhi?
-       The thing is, I am in modern life. Its not easy to accept yourself you are gay. I can proudly say I am gay, and I never had a problem. And hopefully you are confident and it will not bother you. In London I can be comfortable fully gay holding hands in the street, kiss someone, and there are so many parties and bars. You can be who you like. Here I have to behave straight, I have many straight friends, we all talk about girls and things, unless someone asks me I don’t show off I am gay.
-       Do you feel it is getting easier here?
-       Yes it is improving. You see more young guys coming out, and this park. Everyone has smartphone using the gay sites, it’s easy to communicate, and therefore not afraid to look at people and talk.
-       There are many groups of guys here in this park who are probably gay?
-       For you as a foreigner, they make eye-contact and they smile, that may not mean they are gay. Just being friendly.

Bisexual - Anon
-       What Is life like?
-       I like nice guys and also honest guys.
-       Is that difficult?
-       If you have friend or contact who can introduce you.
-       How long have you been a bisexual
-       10 years
-       You’re also an escort?
-       Yea
-       And you have your own agency?
-       Yeah
-       When did you set that up?
-       Not confirmed
-       You also use Planet Romeo to meet people
-       It’s not the best place. There are so many fake people there. You can find people in Yahoo, Facebook or Skype
-       Do you have tips for foreigners meeting gay boys in Delhi?
-       Don’t trust anyone easily!

-       What’s’ great about Delhi
-       The gay scene is very open now. We can wear as we wish, I wear clothes which I cannot do in my home town. I can meet with guys, and go anywhere and any places. Here I found myself, which I cannot do back home. I don’t want to live a dual life that I used to live in my home town, I had to pretend to be a straight guy. Here I can do what I like, which I love that.
-       Does your family know you are gay?
-       Not at all. It’s a secret I have to keep from them. Never ever can I tell them
-       In Delhi your straight friends know you are gay?
-       All my straight friends in College know I am gay. They are okay with that .
-       Do you think culture is changing with younger gay people?
-       I can’t comment on the culture. But I guess minds are changing. Gays are ok, just ok. But families and society will never accept us ever. In Delhi we are normally gay, but we can be open. But socialize we are not accepted until now and not in coming years.
-       But you can at least hangout?
-       Yes, I do always, since I have been in Delhi, I have been doing this openly.