Sunday, 7 June 2015

A new adventure: English teaching - preparing to travel and work

I'm starting a new phase as I enter into an adventure that will take me away from my home, and my roots, to explore living as an expat. I will be a foreigner in someone else’s country. To a city larger than London.

I've just finished my CELTA and gaining experience teaching English as a foreign language. I am learning Brazilian Portuguese while hunting for a job in Sao Paulo. I need a work permit to gain a work visa. A work permit issued by the employer...if I can find one to sponsor me!

I'm not going for a jolly, or for a short travelling experience. I want to experience Sao Paulo for all it has. It took me 14 years to tire of London.... So ideally some lovely English School in Sao Paulo will take me under her wing and to get myself established.

I've heard many things about Brazil over the years I shared London city with Brazilians. They're kind, sweet, warm people with a lot of energy, they party as the best and work their teeth off. They talk with love of their country, but rarely talk positively about returning to live.

I hear wonderful holiday stories of golden beaches, tropical rainforests and carnival activities. I have experienced some of it. I also hear horror stories of gun crime, street safety, hecticness and of the non-stop metropolis Sao Paulo.

This city seems to have both sides of a coin, and I look forward to being part of it.

I head to Sao Paulo in two weeks to suss out the adventure I have ahead of me. My aims for the visit.
- that's my list. 

If you have any advice, I am looking for as much as I can :-)

Follow this journey. More to come from recent trips too.