Saturday, 26 January 2013

Finding gay Faro, Portugal

Eight of us headed for a two day trip to Faro, in the South of Portugal. A 2.5 hour flight and the airport just a 15 minute €12 taxi from the central city, we stayed in the Faro Best Western, which was £34 a room a night inc breakfast...there were even cheaper hotels and accommodation if you wanted to choose a guest house, I think as low as £22 - but this is low season - January.

On researching Faro, I had very low hopes over Gay Bars and Clubs in the city. Hunting them down through gay guides and google I had a small list, but on closer inspection they were all in towns scattered along the coast of the what next.

Well - it was time to open our trusty Grindr App. Hook up to the hotels free wifi service and ask the locals...and while there were very few locals in the nearby vicinity, that didn't give us much hope - within an hour we had a couple of options. So by 11.30pm we left the hotel and made our way to the first - Heaven, keep our fingers very much crossed.

Off a small road in an alley way a blazing sign with Heaven drew our attention...we clamboured towards the door and discovered a half empty room with music blaring and all attention on us...we were going to have fun.

By 1am the place was packed, with two performances from an excellent lip-synching drag queen, we danced until 4.30am knocking back vodka and shots. It was cheap...certainly a world away from London. The locals were welcoming and friendly, inquisitive with excellent English.

Sunday was empty, it was just the eight of consider the weekend only when you visit here. And ENJOY!