Friday, 4 January 2013

Vietnam - Tailored clothes

If you love shopping then Vietnam will be a great eye-opener in the way to find real deals, real fabrics made by real people. Throughout the country you will discover factories, markets, stores and tailors all vying for your attention. The one most famous, and best place to create a new wardrobe, is Hoi An.

The beautiful streets of the historic Portuguese port of Hoi An are lined with independent stores, within the side streets are busy seamstresses producing shoes, dresses, suits, shirts and anything else that maybe of interest. Dip into the soft furnishings stores for blankets, silksheets, pillow covers, cushions and t-shirts, or wander around handcrafed items made from wood, bronze or steel. The options are endless.

For me, I wanted a new suit, shoes and shirt - I wanted to be the best thing to walk into a boardroom, strut around a tradeshow, or to simply have something gorgeous hanging in my wardrobe.

My purchases:
- Cashmere wool 3-piece suit with silk lining
- 2 cotton shirts
- 2 leather shoes
- 2 silk ties
 TOTAL COST: $590 = £355

The same suit in the UK will cost me a minimum of £800. I've already saved money on the flight to Vietnam :-)