Wednesday, 25 July 2012

London Olympic Torch 2012 - hits home - Bexleyheath, London

For the first time in several weeks the sun shone. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, nor when to expect it. Typically the Olympic website had limited information, thankfully it seems BBC was more informed with more precise ETA (estimated time of arrivals). I left early, jumping on my bike like any sporting hero, strapped to my back my camera and a bottle of RedBull. 

Getting there early was neccessary, to grab my plot at the front. The crowd grew with about 15 minutes of it to come through. It felt like my village fete when I was just 8 years old - suddenly a community coming together. It was a precious moment. With the sun on our heads we were all in jovial spirits awaiting the golden torch.

Exactly on time, as the BBC stated, the Olympic Torch procession made its way through. Gold cars and buses, promotional vehicles from the sponsors, so BMX champs, the odd runner and a few other athletes in the mix. The music blared and the onlookers developed their excitement, swinging their heads from side to side to try to get a peek between shoulders and the mass of hair for the flaming torch.

A sudden roar exclaimed the arrival of the torch. My camera at the ready, my iPhone set to record - and there it was in two split seconds - Come and Gone. The maddness was over. 
It's amazing how these memorable moments can be over in a flash...