Friday, 6 July 2012

Siem Reap: Night, Shopping, Bars & a gay scene

Siem Reap is a buslting little town within a country that has been torn apart in so many ways. Making its living from the tourism and Angkor Wat Temples, it has moved on leaps and bounds to the palm tree villages that surround it. 

The town has a night market where you can buy local arts and crafts, including t-shirts designed by locals that use the temples and Cambodian culture for inspiration. Pub Street is exactly that and reminds me of the tourist towns of Spain - Benidorm comes to mind.

There is also a gay scene, while small - just one bar called Linga, it also has a Spa (Linga Spa) and a hotel by the name of River Queen. This new guest house only opened in November and has done better than expected in the first year. The Australian/European couple bought the property to invest in their future and totally refurbished the crumbling building. The top deck sports three jacuzzis and a bar, each room has an ensuite, television, safe and air-conditioning, with some delux rooms offering a balcony. Breakfast is included, and wifi, and on the ground floor they have a bar.

Siem Reap really is Old  meets New