Friday, 20 July 2012

Become a Gay Travel Guru - paid travel experience, USA only

The Gay Travel Guru is back and ready to pay someone's flights, hotels, food and entertainment. This is your chance (if you live in the USA and a permit to work) to see the world, and the rest of the States. Being very British this opportunity marks me out, but it shouldn't you! What a chance to have.

In Season One, Nick Vivion was crowned North America's first Gay Travel Guru. He was paid $30K and over the following six months, he traveled to the hottest destinations in North America and shared the Gay Travel experience with followers around the world.

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Season Two of Gay Travel Guru kicked off on July 15th. is NOW seeking applicants for Gay Travel Guru Season Two from all over the country.

NOTE: If the winner of Guru was sent to from MY site/magazine, I will receive a special travel prize as well as a complimentary Guru Sponsorship package for the 2013 season. Therefore mention my name - Ryan C Haynes, or simply Ryan Haynes - please, I want a piece of the action too!

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