Thursday, 8 November 2012

WTM Preview: Trade show charts the rise of the travel blogger

The travel industry is starting to appreciate the value of blogging, says Oliver Gradwell, founder and chief executive at
For many years, few travel organisations were fully aware of the potential benefits travel bloggers can provide, and were at best, lukewarm about investing in blogger engagement.
But the last few years have seen travel bloggers experience a rise to prominence, and the change to the schedule at WTM is just one example of this shift in attitudes.
At last year’s WTM, travel bloggers found themselves at the heart of the scheduling, with networking events, seminars and tweet-ups throughout the week.
So what happened to instigate such a change? The industry was beginning to realise the power of the travel blogger to change brand perceptions, amplify campaign messages and, to all intents and purposes, become online brand ambassadors.