Friday, 23 November 2012

Taking on the Spartan Beast - London, Brandshatch

12 miles, forest, mud, obstacles, climbing, crawling, fighting, fire, water and pure energy zapped across the course that took me 2.10 hours to complete.

The Spartan an an adrenaline fueled sport designed to take every ounce of power from your muscles. Sunday 18th was a beautiful day, perfect for the course, not cold nor wet. What lay ahead was anyone's guess, the route was not exposed to us participants.

11am we set-off, running around the BrandsHatch F1 race-course, diverted into the nearby woods and climbing through nettles, brambles, trees and bushes, climbing robe ladders, pulling ourselves up robes, lifting sandbags and crawling through water filled tunnels. The course seemed to go on forever. As we thought we were near the end, the route jutted off into a completely different direction, just for us to face more obstacles.

As we came to the end, it was up a 15ft high wall, jump down, fighting the Spartans then crawling through ice, where just above our heads the barbed wire! I was thankful to finish as my stomach craved to be filled.

In all Spartan is a good course for those looking to do something like this for the first time, however it lacks imagination in the course, and half of the equipment was broken, which was disappointing. But a good leg-up to Tough Mudder...!