Wednesday, 3 October 2012

First football match - Saints vs Aston Villa 4-1

My first ever live football match resulted in a 4-1 win to Southampton following four defeats in the Premier League.

It was an incredible people watching experience, from the local prematch pub, the droves of supporters filling the stadium, getting cosy on the hard plastic seats, seeing football players - real ones just a few metres away from me.

One goal down and I thought we would be seeing the 5th loss of the year. Yet it picked up and bam bam bam balls were whacked to the back of the net right in front of us.

The pitch was much smaller than on tv, the game seemed less complex, the crowd to our right pushed out the excitement through their chants, whistles and support for 'their' team.

I enjoyed a few beers and a Cornish pasty living the life of a football supporter donning the Saints stripes.

If you've never been - make a live football match part of your 'have to''s