Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thousands of photos – documenting your travel pictures

I have over 10,000 photos from my travels, I have spent the last few months trolling through them and trying to figure out which ones I want to print. After all, stick them on a hard drive and they may as well be stuck in your attic or basement not to be seen again (accept for occasional house moves or decluttering).
From my trip to Cuba I returned home to over 1,500 photos I had taken on my journeys to Havana, Veradeo, Santa Clara and Trinidad. For Argentina I returned with 4GB of photos. After a thorough sifting I reduced these to 150 photos of a scenic nature, and of four years of personal photos I have nearly 1000 items.
So now its time to let them become real photos – something you can touch, feel and see time and time again. After scrolling through many photo printing websites the best I have definitely come across is They have a range of ways in which to bring your travel photos to life.
I’m currently redecorating my house, I don’t have many souvenirs and I find that most trinkets are dust collectors and I’ve always been one who likes real things – things that are made by people rather than bought off the shelf. After all why travel if you don’t return with something unique.

My images: New York at dusk, Havana backstreets, On the streets of Argentina, In a frozen Iceland.
Here’s a few tips on choosing your photos:
1.     Split all images into folders for each city or place you visit
2.     Open one of the folders and view in Thumb-nail format

3.     Open another Finder menu and create a new folder
4.     Drag the photos you like most into this folder, do this with all folders
5.     Then, go through this new folder and start being strict and removing photos that are not as good as others, don’t delete them though
6.     Voila – you have your selection – these should be your favourites
What to do with your selected images
There are loads of ways you can print your photos here’s a few ideas:
-       Large Scenic photos: have you got an empty wall in your room? Thought of buying a painting or something cool from that designer high street store? Don’t – for scenic photos pick a framed canvas, or if you have a graffiti wall photo then print on Acrylic or Aluminium.
-       Personal people photos and portraits: create a calendar (great Christmas or Birthday presents), make a framed collage, build a photo book
-       Quirky images: print them onto fabric as a cushion, duvet or t-shirt
These will catch people’s eye and your visitors will ask you questions about your photos and you can relive your travel experiences time and time again.

My Pix has a range of printing options, so explore them all. All you need to do is:
1.     Create an account
2.     Upload all your photos in your new folder
3.     Select the type of print you want: Canvas, Photo book, pillow case
4.     Select the image you want to use from your folder you uploaded

If you’re lucky you catch the last day of their sale before Christmas and save 50%.