Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gay Market News.: More Trouble For IGLTA

Gay Market News.: More Trouble For IGLTA:

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association has careered from one crisis to the next this year - but the troubles appear to be far from over. Concerns have been raised for the very survival of the IGLTA. 

2012 has seen an almost continuous sequence of serious problems. Here are just a few of those: 

  • continuing resignations of important IGLTA personnel
  • IGLTA's disastrous consumer outreach program 
  • members being stripped of voting rights
  • ongoing corporate governance problems
  • members goaded into paying a fee for a report available for free from a partner organisation
  • ethics allegations against the Board which are unanswered - and unresolved.  

Now, new questions are being raised as to the veracity of IGLTA's claimed membership numbers.

The escalating series of bad management decisions is causing many to wonder how the association they once cared about has become such a shambles. As 2012 draws to a close that is sadly the situation faced by what was once the premier organization representing global LGBT tourism. This year has seen a slow and continuing decline result from a series of poor management and Board decisions. 

How many real members?

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