Saturday, 22 October 2011

The BIG Gay Lifestyle Show

Born on this very day the first gay lifestyle show in London, UK was an excellent effort and showed signs that this can be a successful annual event.

While very much in it's infancy the show played host to live entertainment from comedians including Julie Jepson and the ever-so hardworking Rosie Wilby, the Gay Men's Chorus with a line-up lasting the full day as visitors wandered the businesses trying to engage their custom.

The Big Gay Lifestyle Show had beauty companies, Gays The Word, Gaydar, Stonewall, suit-makers, financial advisors and housing business - a real mix for real potential as in a tough economy firms vie for consumers.

Speaking to a number of the exhibitors it was interesting to learn they were moving a little away from their traditional events - like home shows for property companies - and trialing more lifestyle shows to reach a different consumer. It seems beyond the Internet we're all buying things in a much different way, thinking now differently with our feet.

The Big Gay Lifestyle Show is more that just a large room of business's selling their products but will be celebrated well into the early hours of tomorrow in the heart of Vauxhall's gay village with the royal presence of Pam Ann - we've sent our Queen down under and we get an almighty one in return.

The evenings programme is packed with gay gems from Jill Jackson, Scottlee, Tranny Shack to Circus of Men and Tony English. A great night ahead.

Goodluck to The Big Gay Lifestyle Show.

Some of the interesting discussions:
The London Sperm Bank - discovered that many gay men wanting children request designer babies, to the extent of gender selection - illegal in the UK they head for the United States.

Barratt Homes - trying to simplify the buying process for first-time buyers. Some interesting financing options, but a 4% deposit, plus a 20% loan on top of the mortgage still doesn't sit comfortably with me.

A Suit That Fits - tailor-made garments. A luxury item for me - and one I really want to save for. Check out the amazing designs - a youngster business at just 6 years old with 33 outlets nationwide.

Ablestoke Consulting - financial services. Did you know not all pensions recognised civil partnerships? You also could be left out on some life insurances!