Thursday, 27 October 2011

29 – 30 things to do before your 30

I’ve decided to bestow a challenge upon myself for the next 352 days; during the next year I aim to try to fulfil all of the below. There’s nothing like making a list and ticking each item off – so can I achieve all of them? What can you do to help me achieve a full slate?
 These are in no order, but I did have some limitations – no criminal activity, nothing that will put my life at severe danger (ish):

1.     Don’t die: If I am to achieve all 30 things, I must save two for my actual 30th birthday. [DONE]
2.     Create a new pie: putting my culinary skills to the test [DONE]
3.     Learn french [DOING]
4.     Jump from a plane – sky dive
5.     Get on Daybreak – I do love ITV in the morning
6.     Attend the Summer Solstice at Stone Henge
7.     Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
8.     Write a children’s book
9.     Build my own shelves [DONE]
10. Take up Kick-boxing
11. Somersault in Trafalgar Square - Circus lessons
12. Watch a game of tennis at Wimbledon
13. Visit Prague
14. Gain a Motorbike licence
15. Dress in Drag for Gay Pride, Ascot, or Greenwich Drag Race
16. Get a six-pack [Very NEARLY]
17. Take part in the London Naked Cycle Ride
18. Attend a football match [BOOKED]
19. Attend a rugby match
20. Train for a half marathon
21. Go Kayaking (White-water rafting)
22. Get a new tattoo
23. Take part in Porn Idol or Mr Gay UK
24. Write, Record a song and make a video
25. Write a letter to my heroes – Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Noel Edmonds
26. Go Go dancing [DONE]
27. Try Absinth
28. Do a Triathlon [DONE]
29. Go to G.A.Y & Heaven
30. Go-Kart Racing [DONE]
You will be updated with posts documenting my achievements with word, photo and video – so stay tuned for the latest updates.