Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Photos: It's so good it Yurts - the New Forest

Typical camping trip, trying to navigate to the destination with no SatNav and just an old Road Map, but through winding roads, past a fruit farm and down dirt tracks we found our Yurt. Hidden at the end of the stretch it immediately felt private and personal.

Grabbed the keys and swung the door open, just for us four to squeeze our heads and necks in all at the same time to get a nosy of our home for three nights. We gasped in awe - so much more than we expected. A large room, plenty of light, grand furnishings and the most comfortable beds, even the singles were exceptional.

 End of July and it wasn't cold enough to light the Wood burner which disappointed a friend, but we did have two nights of an open fire and two BBQs. It was well equipped, the shower room was large and warm (though I imagine in Autumn it could get nippy), the shower too had an excellent set-temperature.

Well done Forest Yurts, we recommend this to anyone - for families, for romantic escapes or for a group of friends who want to spend time together.

Set in Sopley just a few miles from the quaint village of Burley, not far from the beach at Highcliff and the town of Christchurch. We drank the cider, enjoyed traditional fish and chips, took walks among the wild ponies and danced around a camp fire.

The New Forest was little different to my adventures as child with my family, this time I was allowed a few drinks to make it more celebratory as we marked our 30th years.