Monday, 12 December 2011

On your own doorstep - Bexleyheath: Discovering a local Christmas

Sometimes I wonder if us city dwellers actually stop for a second to discover what's around them. Most Londoners tend to stick to their part of town and that can be as limited as a 500m2 area. London has everything on your doorstep - so why travel.
London though can be a lonely place, meeting people as a newbie is never easy and building friendships can often take sometime. The sheer size of the city does limit your options, traveling takes three times longer than outer city distances; take a 10mile trip into the city taking an hour. So what can we learn from what's around us?

I visited our local Woodlands Farm in Bexleyheath, having stumbled across its Christmas Fete as we went hunting for a Christmas Tree. Free entry bought me to learn that there ARE farms in London, there is a community and there is charity. 
This locally organised event happens every year with the farm opening its doors throughout December. There are local craft stalls, food huts and a walk around the farm to enjoy. Perfect if you have kids, godchildren, friends with kids or whatever to see Santa Claus.
It took me back to my country roots in Dorset; if I'd lived in my back yard then I wouldn't have the experiences I have today.
Check out your doorstep - what are you missing?

Oh - there's also a Plumstead Film Festival coming up, looking forward to what that has to say...