Tuesday, 27 May 2014

London - a commuters life and choosing where to stay

I'm currently looking for my next home, it's time to move. I've spent 6 years living in zone 4 far south east of what people regard as London. In 2008 it was a culture shock, suddenly a 15 minute commute from the middle of zone 2 became an hour and suddenly I was spending 10 hours compared to 2.5 hours a week travelling for work.
When I travel I feel spoilt, the hive of the cities and towns I visit are often a 15 minute walk from my hotel or hostel, in fact I purposely don't take a cab to enjoy I walk I don't get in London. I've had friends visit and stay with me who have had to experience the rigormoral of my daily life. They've in part pitied me. Bless.
Now however I want to move - the aim is to reduce my commute by 50%, have a lifestyle that provides pubs, bars and restaurants within walking distance, parks and green spaces that can be enjoyed by visiting family and friends while also enjoying a more suburban lifestyle.
Realistically - prices in London have boomed and opportunities present themselves with little less of a journey I have right now - but a home is about compromise. I'd love a period warehouse loft apartment with a rooftop terrace in central London but the bank manager is not going to fund that, nor will my current salary.
So what am I willing to compromise for my travel to work? And what will be affordable to continue to allow myself to travel the world? Some say roots hold you down but my roots feed me to grow