Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A weekend in Milan

Head to spend Easter weekend in Milan, first stop the city to meet friends and explore and second stop to meet the new Italian family just an hour north of the city in the steeps of the mountains in a village called - veglio

We flew EasyJet, 1.5 hours from gatwick to Milan linate which is smack in the middle of the city a 15 minute taxi ride just €13. Here we stayed with a friend who was just four stops by underground from Duomo, and a simple 20 minute walk from the main high street. If you begin shopping Milan there wil be no turning back. Not only are there hundreds of shops in the city but the style is unique and incredible compared to major cities like London and Paris and Berlin, furthermore the prices are surprisingly affordable for this style.
If Milan is built for anything it is shopping, immerse yourself in the high street stores or head designer for the home of Prada and other amazing brands that dazzle the wealth of the city including D&G And Marc Jacobs. 

Take a lunch stop in a typical Italian restaurant in Brera. We enjoyed a pizza where I was reminded just how perfect Italians are at making pizza in this renowned artists district. 

For history stand to admire the thousands of hand crafted statues on the Duomo. Take photos against a backdrop of a bright blue sky, and head inside to admire the frame by frame account of the bible on the stained glass windows, this is one phenomenol masterpiece that I was just in awe of from the moment I saw it. There are thousands of depictions of the cathedral before it was completed, for which it tool hundreds of years yet the finished product is amazing. Grab a cocktail from a rooftop nearby to enjoy further the full architectural achievement. There is an entry fee but on Easter there was free entrance, just a fee to take photos inside. 

The first  night we enjoyed drinks in Mono and lelephant, two gay bars in the city centre. The atmosphere is social, yet relaxed with little pretence. The second night we took advantage of an apperatif, which in Italian terms is buy a drink and enjoy a small buffet. In my understanding, it's a free, amazing buffet, where you can enjoy a wide range of Italian plates and enjoy as much as you like. Food keeps going during this time labeled as happy hour, which for €10 for a real vodka martini it is an incredible deal and worth enjoying with friends.

A walk around Milan on a wet evening is quiet. Perhaps the most disappointing part was the lack of amazing grafetti.

Easter Sunday was to be spent with an Italian family in the foothills of the mountains. Clear skies provided views of undulating hills covered by luscious wilderness and sporadic old villages, as we made our way to the Italian home I was to spend the next two days with. I was shown the fruit trees, and vegetable patches, the local church before sitting down to a long lunch of five courses. First the snacks, then the entrees, first course (a beautiful spinach cannelloni), followed by baby goat (calf?)!and vegetables, then a desert followed by cheese accompanied the whole time by wine. Within 30 minutes we were visiting another family for coffee wine and cake then back for a three hour rest (climbing the mountain by car and walking around) before another 3 course meal. That was me - done! Stomach...full!
Milan is easy to visit, the short flight disappears and Linate airport situated within the city will mean you can be shopping within just 4 hours of leaving home. The prices are reasonable and for as long as you drink coffee at the bar you won't be served ridiculous surcharges for sitting. (We spent €16 on 2 coffees and a coca cola, if we had not sat down it would have cost €4.80).

So go and enjoy!