Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gay Guy Goes Gay China - discovering Gay Beijing

Gay China

Gay China is much more apparent than I expected, but with an internal population of over 1 billion people it really is obvious to understand why there is a hive of homosexual activity.

I had the chance to visit three gay venues while in Beijing, I also discovered how people keep in contact. It is worth downloading and accessing a couple of social applications for China; grindr, jack’d, and WeChat. The most popular gay chat device is definitely Jack’d. These weren’t limited to access through a VPN either.

What’s important to note, is that most of the Chinese live outside the central centre to Beijing, but there are a couple of gay venues worth visiting:

7 Gongti Xi Lu
Subway - Dong SiShiTaio
Next to walkers Stadium, past Asia Hotel

Great on Friday and Saturday. It has 1 dance floor - where everyone faces the DJ booth and Pole Dance Station, very weird, and has a further 7 bars and several chill out rooms that are well air conditioned.

Check out Bear Bar - with Teddy Bears – intended for their own Chinese variety of gay men bears.

The entry is 80 RMB entry including one drink. Drinks 30 RMB for cocktail / 35 RMB for a beer (at time of print)
There were very few westerners, about 10, when I was there but the place gets packed. Destination used to be the number one club but with the opening of Funky it's not as popular but still the best by all accounts.
Mix with the locals and dance, watch the locals drink and play dice games. It is a little hard to start conversations with them but once engaged they really are quite sociable.
Destination is an excellent mixed and diverse crowd that shows the new China and not that we see in the West in gay bars.
Open until 5am
Take a taxi back to the hotel and ensure it goes by a meter. Do not take a private taxi as it will work out more expensive.
Just two roads away from the main Bar street, next to the Workers Stadium

Kai Club
3rd Floor,Tongli Studio, Sanlitun (on the east side of the alley connecting Sanlitun Village and Opposite House), it’s just by Mohito Man (ask a backpacker and they will know this)  Take the stairway up to the entrance on the 3rd floor. This is really a very simple bar with dance floor and DJ every night of the week. It tends to attract a slightly younger audience.

Watch the boys order huge quantities of drinks and spend hours knocking them plus shots back.

- Popular on week nights though packed at weekends and overspills to straight bars
- Vodka red bull 10rmb though don't expect high quality drinks
- Gets reasonably busy post 11.30pm
- Good pop and dance music
- Smokey bar
- Largely a young crowd of 20 - 30 year olds
Apparently opposite Destination.  Although could not find it, above Coco
6 floor, 8 Gongti Xi Lu
This I was told is one of the best to visit on a Saturday.

The Opposite House, 1 Sanlitun Bei Rd, Sanlitun.
This is an upmarket bar in a upmarket hotel that is popular with a gay crowd on a Thursday. It is largely middle-class and tourists/ expats. The drinks are 3 – 4 times more expensive than those on a regular street bar.