Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fashion is destroying the human race

North Korea is stuck in a time warp. Walking through Pyongyang it's as though we're on a 1950s film set. Post-war fashion sprawls the streets as women are well and proudly dressed in single colour blouses, well tailored skirts and exorbitant heels; the men stroll in loose dull trousers, white vest and light single coloured shirts. The city is tidy, the people are tidy.

Take a step back to Beijing and its indisputable that while fashion allows self-expression, self-identity and an opportunity for us to create our Own self it is also destroying the human race by how uncoordinated each individual is to one another. In my eyes, People in the Western world look a mess! There's nothing much more that can be said - how have we got to a point where we allow people to wear pyjamas in the street or that we find it acceptable to wear uncoordinated colours, fail to wash and iron our clothes properly?
There's a lot to be said for controlling access to materials and therefore managing fashion! 

However what was interesting about North Korea / DPRK are the children who are wearing branded clothing of Adidas, Nike and shirts emblazoned with Manchester United and English football stripes. How this has entered the country is near impossible to understand.