Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Top Travel Websites - part 1 (some are gay too)

Gay travel information websites – getting the low-down part 2

Following publishing my favourite gay travel websites, I have been inundated with requests to add more to this list. And it is true, that list was surely only Part 1. So on Part 2, we expand our selection slightly.

Some of them gay, some of them just helpful if you are an independent traveler. So enjoy the list and let me know any others I should be visiting when planning.
Budget Travel

Some excellent advice and resources for the budget traveler. It covers a wide range of Destinations, as well as providing some guides on best travel and what to look forward too.


This is for the Spanish, a great website with plenty of detail on destinations, each with their own pages. I know the editors and they are so passionate about providing quality content, that from this service they have achieved funding for Itinerium, which means if you can’t be bothered to do the planning yourself – one of their editors will do it for you.


If you’re looking for gay travel, and help with all your accommodation needs, check out Purple Roofs selection of Bed&Breakfast, Inns, Hotels and even get your entire holiday booked with their referred Travel Agents and Tour operators.

Shermans Gay Travel Blog
It’s all thing travel, but its great to see some articles featuring gay travel. It’s all pretty generalistic, but handy to get some ideas for your trups.

New Gay Travel Guide
Dedicated news service for gay travel, giving updates on where to go, where to be careful and loads of advice too. Good for reference material.

Gay Travel Information Blog

This is more advice for gay travel and good as a resource for when deciding the destinations you are heading.

Dream Euro Trip

Full of personality and truly focused on Europe and delivering quality advice. So check out his destinations, get an idea of the cost and travel as frequently as you can across Europe.