Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Open Letter - Who is Ryan C Haynes

I thought I would write an open letter - since I am looking for work.

So who is Ryan C Haynes?

Dear reader,

I have had a wide-varied career in PR, communications and content development having started my career working in radio as deputy editor of the local website and assistant producer for the daytime radio programmes. During the past 15 years I have built on this experience; working for the leading national radio station for its live output and online content updates, servicing large consumer brands engaging with social media tools, creating copy and content for the media, leading PR communications campaigns, and managing a successful B2B marketing content strategy for a global technology company.

As Marketing & Communications Manager I was responsible for the delivery of all communications, content, PR and events managing an internal team of five personnel and working with multiple contractors and agencies to meet the company’s objectives. As direct manager, I was also responsible for my team members’ personal development, training and personal well-being to ensure they were continually positively committed to their role and delivering high quality work.

I reported to the Management Team and Board of Directors whereby I presented monthly results of all marketing campaigns including interaction with content and web platforms, analyzing how to optimise the performance of these channels through regional support and partnerships. By harnessing the right content the team was able to leverage conversations with the target audience.

I redeveloped the website to become a central hub for hotel booking strategies by creating an Educational Resource hosting the company blog, social media, whitepapers, research papers and reports and regular news releases. On launching this new portal, with a redesigned simple user-interface, I immediately achieved 40% increase in web visits, as a result of optimized SEO data and a more organized web sitemap, and further increased the duration of visits and number of pages visited by 100%. Indicating our audiences’ thirst for information, the commercial result was a steady increase of web sales enquiries of over 20%.

I supported the central educational strategy with regional communications strategies, by developing content relevant to the regions and territories we were targeting. For example we developed a specific Hotel Sales paper on the Brazilian market and a microsite to target local hoteliers, this achieved unprecedented results for any region we had entered and a 100% return of investment. Also by diversifying the type of content available and sharing it with the target audience we were able to support the increased usage of tools and adoption of new products and services. As part of the management team and head of the communications department I delivered the strategy for communications, PR and content production and distribution, setting clear goals and KPIs to monitor the performance for the best of the business.

Through the content created we pitched to journalists and the press, reusing this material across multiple media partner websites and publications as features, columns, and news stories. This promoted our educational resources and key messages of the organization while creating valuable links with the press. I created communication workshops with departments for editorial planning, involving customer facing and technical staff, to identify possible news stories and article opportunities for the business.

By establishing cross-departmental and partner project teams I lead the introduction of communications guidelines throughout the business to improve the branding and quality consistency of the company. In this, I achieved the introduction of customer communications policies, direct sales communications procedures, and stakeholder newsletter templates, as well as a corporate branding document. This resulted in quicker turnaround of content being communicated to the audience, consistency of delivery for key messages and much simpler process for distribution. I also managed the implementation of internal content platform Sharepoint for all employees and launched the engagement campaign, and initiated the project development of the company’s products, CRM and CMS. 

This was certainly my biggest role to-date, and during this time I also had the opportunity to consult for other companies on communications, PR and content, delivering strategies and material that has been used to successfully make inroads for their marketing campaigns. I have secured funding for a podcast community project, delivering training across the UK to youth groups and being shortlisted for a Best Broadcast Award. With each an every project I engage with, the aim to to innovate with success. 

For me, communications and content is a wide mix of digital media and I have had experience delivering newsletters, webinars, videos, infographics, animations, articles, reports, both independently and in conjunction with other organizations. Partnerships are certainly key to reaching a new audience, expanding the breath of your reach, diversifying content and adding more depth and quality to the material published. Furthermore, as we see with great news stories and features – do content right and other channels will pick-up on this and reuse, redistribute, and recreate, which is the aim for any content publisher and PR professional.

I want to develop the opportunities available, build a strong brand based on the quality of its publishing and its business, and diversify the opportunities through editorial and commercial partnerships. I am a strong and considerate leader, working with the team, to achieve the aims and objectives, to set realistic deadlines to short and long-term projects.

I enjoy a flexible working environment and supporting the wider team through the delivery of both strategically important projects and daily operations. 

I make inroads...I make changes to make more for the business.