Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Do we understand the power of Travel social media?

So many people travel, it’s an escape…So many people love mobile phones, it’s a connection – to an escape….So many people love to share, it’s a connection, is an escape…

Therefore we should not underestimate the power of social media in all our lives, we should not under estimate our own insignificance in all of this. We after all are 1 of over several billion people who love sharing their travel stories; by mouth, by text, by postcard, by phone, by photos, by video….by tweets, by status updates, by blogs….

Dr Peter O’Connor states: This has formed Generation C – the Creative, the Connected, Conversation obsessed, Cash driven, Content hungry. And businesses are ever more listening in to the noise that is created, to get a snapshot of what is being said. We have to remember this is no different than the “Old days” of customer surveys, focus groups, cold calls, feedback forms.

Remy Merckx of CarlsonRezidor Hotel Group said that as consumers they “want their own moment of fame”, and this certainly is not far from the truth as we parade our lives on Facebook, prance in front of YouTube and paparazzi ourselves on Flickr.

And you know the other funny thing – most of what we officially say is positive. According to Severine Philardeau of TripAdvisor, the average score is 4.5 / 5, which means that we’re all being incredibly generous with our scores.

A new technology coming to our hands soon is TripTease, the founder, Charlie Osmond talking of the necessity to “curate a life online” and through TripTease people can ‘enhance their personal brand’.

So we are being given more tools to use to share and create conversation to stay connected, while giving more secrets and information away – but failing to be proper critics because we love everything so much…Apart from the odd B**ch our friends scream on Facebook or through Forums, it really is quite true…we show our lives as perfect and what makes them perfect

– in my opinion – it’s because we want to make people envious of us, we want to show our so-called “friends” that we are happy and successful.

So what is the real truth in the data we share on social media, and how valuable is it really?