Thursday, 31 October 2013

Choosing your Sleep Train bunk: why the top?

Sleeper Train – why the Top bunk? Wny Not

The Top bunk provides privacy, peace and quiet and the chance to take the overhead storage space in the berth. However…there are some let downs:

1 – Air Con – you suffer from the blasts of cold air during the night. It is therefore essential you pack a jumper…even in the hottests of countries. Nothing worse than a summer cold during a holiday. You can also wake up extremely dehydrated!

2 – The Berth Room light. The light goes off and you have navigate your way to the bunk. The morning arises and suddenly the light comes on, right in front of your face. If you wanted a wake-up alarm then the top bunk is the way to go. And why does it always tend to have the most intense bulb?!!

3 – No window – don’t expect to enjoy the views from the bed like the beds below you. Nope…you have to suffer the view of well…nothing! So make sure there is a window seat somewhere you can enjoy

4 – Balance – if you’re balance is rubbish, and your flexibility is minimal then climbing to the top bunk could be something that should well be videoed and YouTubed. That, or it gives you a chance to show off your military climbing techniques!!! Just put water in-take to a minimum throughout the journey…pee breaks are the worst!!!

Enjoy your journey!