Friday, 28 June 2013

Brazil - the fight for public services must include equality

On of the fears over changing politics and constitution, fighting the system or overhauling legacy is that priorities have to be determined, which will often neglect other factors or individuals who may then become the victims wished to be avoided.

Any political change is due in response to change society for the better. However we every change there comes disruption. This can effect the 'good' that we have today, and damaging the value it gives to life.

So, when one of my friends sent me the below, I thought it was a striking point to make. Is change good for the whole, or can groups of people be neglected?

Alex Bernardes:

"Our Brazilian constitution states that ... anyone who is elected by the people and takes a political chair, is not allowed to use his religious concepts and beliefs to conduct or change people’s behavior. Unfortunately, that is true only in the books.
Recently, a pastor called Marco Feliciano (Minister of an Evangelical Church Franchise in Brazil), was elected by his peers – people weren’t able to interfere in that process because it was done undercover –, and, once taking charge as the president of the Human Rights ‘Deputy’ Chamber, he started to promote intolerance, discrimination, segregation towards some specific groups of doomed and unluckily borned people (his words, based in the Old Testment).

He mainly points to negros and gays. Now, he wants to pass a bill which allows the “cure for gays”, considering that “these people may want to be healed and live a “normal” life”, and he threatens anyone who tries to interfere or be in his way. Our state of freedoom, iquality and fraternity is now going down the drain...
As you worldwide friends may know, we are in the core of a revolution for real human rights in Brazil, asking for more important things such as better public educational, health and transportation systems. We really don’t need this kind of people around us to blur people’s real interests. Let the world know about this shame..."