Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mr & Mrs Smith Launches 3 new brands. Family. Friends. Business

I saw and this and I had to share. I love Mr & Mrs Smith - can't quite afford it yet, and haven't had a romantic enough heart to splash out but what a lovely brand I buy into and aspire to. Now I have 3 more to make me go green at the gills.

NEWS: Boutique hotel guide and booking agent Mr & Mrs Smith has created a new parent brand and launched three sub-brands targeted at different audiences.
Under the parent brand of Mr & Mrs Smith - and along side the Mr & Mrs Smith guide to hotels for couples - the company will operate Smith & Family (accommodation for families); Smith & Friends (for friends); and Smith & Co for business accommodation.

Co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith James Lohan explained: "We'd always planned to extend our service beyond romantic breaks to include offerings for families, groups and business travellers but we'd struggled to find a way of adding these new types of property without damaging what the Mr & Mrs Smith brand stands for - it's a sexy, flirtatious brand aimed at couples.

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