Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Singapore Airlines - a worthy selection

Singapore Airlines was a great choice, it was an incredibly smooth flight on both legs, to Singapore and to Saigon, and the staff were friendly and courteous - if somewhat cheeky!

The cattle class had reasonable leg room and a free seat next to me provided ample room to move around. The multimedia entertainment selection is vast and very easy to use and certainly something for everyone's tastes. There was no waiting for a film either - it just upped and played when you're ready.

The food was actually tasty and filling - a chicken stir fry for dinner, chicken and noodles for breakfast and actually chicken veg and potato for the short HCMC flight. They provided proper metal cutlery which is as amazing as AirFrance Premium Economy.

However the most disappointing part of the flight was the Pre-made canned Bloody Mary! I now praise every steward willing to make one fresh. It was dank alcohol less and boring!

Arriving in Singapore Airport is easy to navigate, and while looks like you're stepping back into the early 1990s with flash carpet and backlit shop signs it is a large and pleasant environment to hang around for 3 hours. On a Starbucks visit I even got a free sandwich! Sorry - complimentary.

HCMC flight was my first journey on an A380, and I was impressed. It was smooth - didn't feel as big as it looks apart from a jumpy landing - plus the seats were perfect. Much bigger than any I have experienced! I hope now to get an A380 back to London!

Well done Singapore - all round a good first time experience!