Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The problem with airline customer service

There's no doubt about it - customer service on airlines has changed significantly over the past 10 years and none of it for the better.

While young airlines like Emirates. Singapore, And Qartar have been recognised with their new fleet of vehicles and dapper air crew offering superior service to the aging airlines there is still something fundamentally missing - time!

Planes have got larger- just see the size of the new A380. Several hundreds passengers with same old service expectation air stewards dashing around like fairies with no Time to spare. In fact it's so fast moving that it's almost robotic.

No time to decide what meal you want - no time to give the coffee cup over, pressing the Help button takes forever for a response and then items are thrown at you.

Cocktails are canned with no time to actually mix and stir. They limit the number of rounds with their drinks cart and when they can they hide to get some rest before the hectic landing schedule begins.

These waiters, cooks, bar tenders, cleaners and all round comfort providers are required to do more in the shorter time - causing customer service to move fast and furious. Surely this is causing more stress?

Then the budget airlines like to sell everything they can including their own mothers.