Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photos - Learning Cambodia's past - the killing fields

It was a long night drive to Phnom Penh, leaving at midnight on the 6.5 hour drive I had hoped to get some sleep. Instead it was a furocious drive and the roads were ill-equipped, huge craters seemed to be pitted along the route causing me to bounce on my seat as we bumped along to the capital of Cambodia. It was one of the worst bus journeys of my life - little sleep, air-con was on maximum and the smoothest of roads lastest just a few hundred metres.

However, on arriving and being collected by a Tuk Tuk driver we headed to the Killing Fields, where I learned that in the dead of night families were bundled into the back of a truck, told they were being relocated, before being dropped off in pitch black just to be murdered. I imagine their last journey was pretty similar to mine, accept much more cramped - the horror of this mass grave was enough to set-me off, yet to understand their last journey...

This is a horrific place to visit, as is the former prison, now a museum of where the murdered were kept before they were forced to confess a non-crime then taken to be disposed of. To think this is STILL happening in the world today, it's disgusting!