Monday, 25 June 2012

Photos: Eating & Drinking - Vietnam, Cambodia

If you cannot find something you like to eat or drink in Cambodia and Vietnam then you are uncultured and don't have a taste for food. In fact don't bother going if you cannot handle menus the length of two arms and a million dishes. Forget it if you don't like good fish, stay away if you hate vegetables, and don't both thinking about it if all you want is international cuisine - while easy to find it is (IMHO) the losers way out. 

I cannot stop appreciating Vietnamese and Cambodian cooking, it's fresh, it's got flavour and it doesn't sit too heavy on the stomach. My favourites by far:
- Morning Glory, garlic beans and leaf
- Khmer Curry
- Roasted fish
- Coconut sauce on chicken
- Baby pig (you can see the eyes and ears below in the photos)

And to drink - 333 or Saigon beer!