Monday, 21 May 2012

RyanAir - posting profits and warnings are a JOKE on the industry

RyanAir today posted the biggest profits they have made up 25% on last year and YET again warned that profits for the coming year will be lower. How are we expected to believe this when they made the same claim last year - it is as simple as the fact that RyanAir want more money and they only way they can do this is by increasing the price of fairs - they blame it on fuel costs, but profits are still rising despite only 16% increase in fare prices vs 30% increase in fuel costs.

Last year RyanAir said "No increase in profit next year" as they announced a 23% rise in profits totalling €374 million, and today posted 25% totalling €503...did they do maths in school.

In May 2011 they envisaged a 4% growth in passenger numbers, infact it was 4.9% - so this airline is certainly not hard-up. In fact in 2011 fuel costs rose by 37% so they've had an easier year.

Even if the markets weren't pitiful RyanAir would still complain about how bad the economy is and give the impression how they won't survive another year without good passenger numbers. However recent evidence shows that RyanAir is little more than bullies as they cancel flights to Kos and Rhodes (Greece) because the tourist boards won't do a dual marketing campaign. Sorry - but correct me if I am wrong but Greece is going bankrupt and the airline expects them to put budget towards a marketing campaign?! It seems RyanAir wants people to pay everything for them and they just keep skimming the profit.

Go Ahead - RA can continue to do this. However I am proud of the fact I haven't taken a flight with them in four years - and I applaud EasyJet for its service, prices, destinations and huge range of other services it offers.