Thursday, 29 March 2012

Packing - backpacking. A cycle trip through Vietnam

Packing is probably the most exciting part of preparing for any trip - but it can sometimes seem the most difficult. Deciding what can take can take hours. While preparing for my cycle trip through Vietnam I had to think long and hard of what I would need, especially as I am heading to a part of the world I have never visited before. What I have chosen maybe wrong, but I won't know until I get there. However based on my backpacking experience and reading into the conditions of Vietnam at this time of year I am pretty prepared. 

Not only have I packed the essentials (you know, the underwear, socks, deodrant, soap, tooth brush, change of shorts and t-shirts) but I have also bought some exciting new accessories. 

However how do you approach packing? This is my little guide:
1. Open all drawers and wardrobes, I have a bag I store all my holiday gear, this makes it quicker and more simple
2. Get your track sac - which luggage is going to be best for your trip?
3. Pull out the neccessities and lay them on a floor or bed, think being back in cubs/scouts for the weekly "Kit inspection"
4. Choose all the clothes you'd like to take
5. Write a list
6. Check your list
7. Double check how much you are taking - do you need that many t-shirts and shorts? OR can you wash some in the sink on the way?
8. Packing itself, everything you need immediately should be at the top and that you don't think you need at the bottom, my sac (as pictured) is mixed - I packed some t-shirts, then shorts, then t-shirts then shorts again, saves having to empty the whole back
9. Make sure you have room to buy new things while travelling
10. Check the weight.

ITEMS PACKED FOR MY TRIP: 2 trainers, 1 Havana flip flops, 8 pairs of underwear and ankle socks, 7 t-shirts/vest, 4 shorts, 2 cycle shorts, 1 helmet, 2 sun caps, mosquito sweater, sweater, mosquito net, face mosquito net, cycle top, waterproof, umbrella, 3 long light trousers, first aid kit, 2 shirts, hidden money pouch.