Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My New Years Bucket List Doesn't Exist

I have suddenly seen people talking about New Year bucket lists all over Facebook and Twitter, this sort of miffed me until I talked to someone about my "30 things I will do before I am 30" list, just to discover that is a Bucket List. So basically these Facebook conversations are all over non-existant New Year Resolutions.

I stopped making resolutions several years ago when I realised that by the end of January I had forgotten what they were. Instead, twice a year I review and rewrite A List of Things To Achieve, or seemingly the Bucket List.

I love lists, every day I write lists, maybe even several. But this New Year I stick to my 29 - 30 list, but I think some of it maybe difficult. Here is some of it again with a 2 month update:

 Don’t die: If I am to achieve all 30 things, I must save two for my actual 30th birthday.
***STILL very much alive, thank god
Create a new pie: putting my culinary skills to the test
***I THINK I know what I will do, it's a mix of sweet and savory.
Learn french
***STILL going well
Jump from a plane – sky dive
***I WILL book my ticket in February for March or April!
Get on Daybreak – I do love ITV in the morning
***TRYING to come up with a good reason and applying for all competitions
Write a children’s book
***This has gone nowhere
Build my own shelves
***I BOUGHT the wood

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