Wednesday, 18 January 2012

London's Gatwick Airport staff get trained

Arriving at London's Gatwick Airport today I nearly collapsed at sheer shock for the developments it has made with security. Here I was stood in a large hall with electronic gates and lines of security check points - the UK had hit the 21st Century!

Following years of pure hatred for this airport's baggage check it finally seemed to have recognised flyers' dissatisfaction and brought in someone with an ounce of intelligence to reform it. Plus this was my special day - new staff were being trained at each touch point.

New security employees bumbled around the luggage conveyor belt double-triple checking they were doing their job right under the beady-eyes of their experienced seniors. Body check officers joked off their apprehension while the x-ray observers nodded in agreement as bags were checked at snails pace.

While the check point took three times as long as London City Airport - these bright lights, fresh layout and new staff gave me a sense of ease with the impending Olympics 2012. Just maybe Britain can give citizens and residents a good send off.

My only concern is that the airport has adopted the same respect for queues as our European
counterparts (no clear line structure in place) - expect a pure rush for the first available boarding card swipe desk and rampage to the quietest luggage check line. We will see.

I just hope when I land back here I will experience a welcome that is as fresh and professional. Though airport staff can still do with developing friendly personalities.