Monday, 23 January 2012

Fort Lauderdale: taking to the water – Canoeing

Fort Lauderdale offers you the chance to enjoy long mornings rolling around in bed after a heavy night at the local gaborhood, soak up the sun in long afternoons and make the most of the sun-drenched beaches. One afternoon we made our way to John U Lloyd Beach State Park with slim areas of jutting coastline offering calm beaches, open skies and great activities.

We headed for Blue Moon Outdoor Center for a two hour canoe trip – before considering jumping in a canoe beware that this requires you to paddle – if you are not physically fit, if you complain over moving your own body then just don’t bother! However, for us that enjoy activity breaks it adds that fun to Fort Lauderdale.

Blue Moon has a café and restaurant where you can enjoy a fun lunch with a few local beers before heading off around the park. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we whiled our time messing about on the small canals – certainly showed us how chilled out Fort Lauderdale life is.

John U Lloyd Beach State Park,
Blue Moon Outdoor Centre,