Friday, 13 January 2012

Fort Lauderdale: Pay Lips Service

WARNING – It’s a drag bar people. It has men with penis miming to really camp songs while wearing incredibly tight fitting or revealing women’s clothing while trying to emanate a famous signing diva. Glamorous.

Exactly what this place is; rock up to the joint and your suddenly surrounded by grand chandeliers, ruby red back drop curtains and a deep burlesque shine. Glamorous ladies waltz the room taking orders; ribbing the diners and poking fun at their comments. Cocktails whirled around the room relaxing the crowd in preparation for the evenings programme.

Music gently filled the room, the sounds of Motown filled my ears and head started to sing, the straw remained in my mouth as I sucked up my influencing cocktail. My lips began to move, my feet started to twitch and before I knew it – I was up and I was Ms Diana Ross. She filled the room all eyes darting in her direction her arms began to flail and cheers rose from the crowd 3 minutes later Diana was gone – but footage survived!

The performance would be as you would expect from a restaurant cabaret theatre with drag queens lip-synching to divas – incredible. The outfits, the looks, the songs, the show; a laugh out loud sing-a-long gay fest! Get down there!