Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fort Lauderdale: Billie Swamp Safari

Get to Florida and it’s not just the phenomenally long clear golden beaches, but there’s an abundant of wildlife that needs to be experienced. Take a tour or hire a car and drive out to the Everglades, this 1.5 hour journey takes you into the depths of the swamps where Fauna and Flora thrive.

Billiie Swamp Safari is an Everglades adventure that takes you into the wild on large water buggies taking you into the forest and grasslands to see the array of animals living in the southern state of the USA.

Florida was originally owned by Spain and sold to the United States for $5million – now worth substantially more than that – the Spanish brought new wildlife to the state including horses and pigs. Billie Swamp Safari covers over 2,000 acres of land preserving the local habitat and the animals within it.

During a 1 hour driving tour you will see Alligators, Turtles, Water Buffalo, Horses, Bulls, Cows, Pigs and more while also exploring the diversity of the vegetation, from stranglers and climbers, moss and poison ivy, medicinal herbs and plants as well as fruit and berry trees. This area, during the summer hurricane season June – September, is often flooded 2 – 3 feet of water with signs in the markings at the foot of every tree. This is when the crocodiles, turtles and alligators take over the swamp.
If you get chance take the Airboat Trail that takes you along the deeper rivers and swamp areas to get to the nesting parts of the water creatures.

Billie Swamp Safari: 800-Go-Safari, call for prices and reservations.