Friday, 22 July 2011

Nail biting - kicking an ugly habit

For the past five months I've been trying to kick my ugliest habit - nail biting. For over 10 years I have frequently tested methods to stop - prevent myself from hurting my hands daily through the munching of nail, but until I actually tried a therapist I had no success.

In March I visited a hypnotist who guided me to the light of a life with beautiful nails. The first four weeks were a struggle - the chewed finger tips looked disgraceful and didn't make me feel better about myself. I invested in a manicure, nail files and polishers and special ointments making the process of caring for nails more prominent.

This has gone some way to protecting my nails from excited teeth, the past 3 months I have been relatively pleased with myself. There are occasions I pick and have had to result to serious consequences of regrowing but certainly nowhere near as bad as before.

However last night was the worst - I ruined 2 thumb nails. Friends visiting from France, I suddenly felt exposed and conscious of my inabilities to speak the 'language of love'. Here I noticed that I have an inferiority complex and this, unless controlled, causes me to react in a discreet but personally upsetting way.

Honest Omission - no-one would know this but by telling you my nail biting habit brings it into the open for me to address it again. I just hope I can sort it without the need of a hypnotist again (not that their bad, but I'd rather invest my money in a few beers :-)