Friday, 29 July 2011

London - rediscovering the city we call home

Before you know time has slipped away and rummaging through drawers you end up pulling papers and receipts of vouchers for special experiences given to us by family and friends for birthday and christmas - when do we ever get round to using them - well, the weekend just past of course.

Months previous we discovered that we had unused vouchers for London activities and we decided to book a day when we could make the most of them. So on Sunday we headed to London Waterloo - the home of the Eye - to embark on the London RIB Voyages. It was an hour on a lifeboat speeding up and down the river: Parliament down to Canary Wharf. We were incredibly lucky, the sun shone for us to see the best that London had to offer.

The crew onboard were entertaining and provided quite a few laughs; mind - I had no idea what information was true or false but being a Sunday I lost the care and just sat back and enjoyed the rhythms of the river.

We have traveled up the Thames previously on the Clipper from our home - Woolwich - to London Eye which is a great option and a cheaper one. But for something a little bit special, when the Baywatch theme goes blaring out as you dart down the Thames - what more could you ask for.

After we slowly wondered from Embankment to Covent Garden for lunch, a spot of coffee in Soho before strolling to Hyde Park to sit in the sun. We were due to go for a Spa day and meal at the Hilton Park Lane after - with a special VIP voucher we bought from Purity Spa; well this ended up being an absolute waste of money. The food was awful and there was nothing VIP about our massage.

You realise that not every voucher is worth its cheaper value - but it was certainly a fun day out for the both of us in our own city, where we did discover something new. Well done London RIB Voyages.

BTW - if you're a friend of mine :-) get in contact and I'll give you a 20% off voucher code.