Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Virgin Reporter - the competition

You can all but try - you should do all and experience. Not one to turn up an opportunity I'm now whoring my blog to become a competition entry.

I love my job; writing, blogging, vlogging and filming; this job gets you out there meeting people - in REAL life while feeding the cyber-world with REAL thoughts, trips and experiences. What makes this blog and the person behind it so unique is the vast network and desire to create quality material for people to enjoy. Where can you find Ryan C Haynes:

- reporting on the travel industry
- writing destination reports
- destination guides
- destination reports
- video content & reports

Travel report video directory
- Vimeo / Ryan Haynes

Amateur travel videos
- youtube / gaypedia

Travel, gay travel, and experiences drive my interest in telling and creating a story. Ryan C Haynes can get this Red Hot Report to the above, over 700 twitter followers as well as publications across South America, Europe and North America - so let's go gay!

Why I Love Travel

Why I am the reporter for Virgin