Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Alps - A White Wonder

As though transported 3,000 miles from a Caribbean beach and lifted 2,500 metres onto the Alps, untouched snow glistened in the sun with greater ferocity than a cloud-bare sky at night. Surely the stars felt slightly threatened by this temporary frozen wonder.

The sun shone in full spirit as if challenging itself to remove the white carpet from its stage below – yet this complex structure defied its rays reflecting all energy back – defiant to win this fight til dusk when mist filled the valleys reminiscent of a Swedish steam room. By nightfall Les Deux Alpes is drowned by cloud – creating a haze that formed a ghostly awe to the mountain village.

Chalets sprawled across the landscape emitting yellow ad while glows transmitting its own constellation system. Skiers worn from the day’s slopes meandered the streets regaining their balance on two feet trying in earnest to forget the aches caused by the constant slides of their flexible boards. Exhausted yet determined to mix with their compassionate fellows we sipped wine ad beer to numb the throb of undiscovered muscles. Bed beckoned – while our stomached craved nutrition to build energy for a knowingly demanding day in the morning.
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